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We transform winery websites into powerful marketing tools and put new energy into your sales and marketing campaigns

How do we do it? Our services.

And by the way, what are we trying to do with these services? To turn your winery’s entire digital presence into a demand generation system for your wine brands, tasting room & restaurant and wine club.

  • That’s why it often starts with branding your winery: your brand should capture the personality of your business and the appeal of your wines – and convey that to your customers in an instant.
  • Another crucial step is to tell your stories, in-depth and with heart. Read to discover why – and how it works.
  • Here’s another theme: optimize for mobile (where 60% of your customers are – and 80% of your tasting room patrons).

We describe all this in much more detail. (But if you’d like us to give you a walk-through, let us know!)

Winery Branding Services

Winery & Wine Branding

The cornerstone of our winery marketing agency is our branding practice. In fact, each of the services we offer is deeply integrated with our branding services. We know that sounds abstract, so let’s put the bottom line into the equation: wine sales. Want to sell more wine?

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Winery Print Materials

New Twist Marketing has a very strong digital marketing practice but we recognize that print continues to be one of the most crucial forms of communicating with your public – especially for those who are new to your brand. In fact, print design is an opportunity to firmly establish your brand identity.

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Secure, Fast Winery Websites

Here’s something to think about that becomes more pressing each passing year: your business’s website is the most powerful marketing tool you have. Putting energy – and speed and security – into your web presence is one of the cornerstones of our services.

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Winery Photography & Video

Question: What lends itself better to good photography than the wine business? Answer: Nothing. But few wineries take advantage of that fact. Be it French wine, California wine, or wine from the Willamette Valley, it’s grown in a beautiful setting. Take advantage of that fact!

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Winery Marketing Services

SEO Wine Story Writing

One of the most effective marketing strategies for wineries is the age-old art of storytelling married to the “digital art” of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are two parts of this puzzle: (a) your stories and (b) the way people think about you, the words they use (that’s the “SEO” part!).

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Search Engine Wine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) represents an enormous opportunity for boutique wineries and other wine industry organizations. SEM can help you be found by future customers in one of the most rapid ways possible – the search engine. When searchers click a search ad, they’re ready to buy.

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Social Media Based Wine Marketing

Like SEO, Social Media Based Marketing is an essential “inbound” marketing strategy and the most effective way to scale “word-of-mouth” marketing. But there’s another trick to it: when to spur that word of mouth with paid advertising.

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Outbound Lead Generation

Our prospect and lead generation practices puts New Twist Marketing in a temporary business development role to help you identify key business partners, including but not limited to distributors that can provide you with new sales channels for your wine products.

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Mobile Marketing for Wineries

“Can you look up that winery on your desktop computer?”, said no one ever while standing in the wine section at the local market place. Desktops are out. Phones are in. Optimize your shopper marketing with a mobile strategy.

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Email Wine Marketing

Email marketing continues to be the highest ROI marketing channel for wineries and many other small businesses. This is especially true for those of you who create boutique, craft wines (other some other kind of product that is a labor of love). Why? Because your customers will go out of the way for your wine – but only if you remind them to.

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Winery Consultation Services

Winery Consultation and Coaching

We’ve saved the most high value service for last. The foundation of our consulting & coaching services is the Quarterly Revenue Review. But this is the general concept: New Twist will be a part of your revenue planning and strategy for as long as it takes to get your income back on track.

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About New Twist (and About You)

Company Background

Where do our winery marketing strategies come from? In way they begin where wine begins: the soil where grapes are grown.

Our vineyard work took us deep into viticulture and enology. Then there was the deep dive Brant took into web design and development. Then there was the branding and marketing campaign we launched for our family’s own wine.

Putting it all together, we’ve put a lot of time into answering the following question:

“Why do we do this – why does New Twist Marketing exist?”

The Big Idea – What we believe in

We value a world where “craft businesses”, such as wineries:

  • thrive with “founder’s energy”
  • provide the marketplace with beautiful products
  • create meaningful employment
  • provide profits to their owners, the people who took a chance, took on risk, and put years of blood, sweat, and tears into creating something new!

In fact, there are few craft businesses as financially risky as wineries; we believe you deserve to be compensated for that risk!

Our Twist on the US Wine Industry

  • There are 8,702 wineries in the United States. 80% of boutique businesses.
  • Millenials drink nearly half of all wine consumed in the United States. That’s why we believe mobile marketing and social media marketing are key services.
  • Total US wine sales in 2016 was 60 billion; of that, 40 billion came from domestically produced wines! There is plenty of market for your wines; you just have to get your story told to the right people.
  • There are now 550,000 discrete locations that sell wine in the United States. How many of them would you like your wines to be in?
  • 57% of wine drinkers are female, 43% male. And that’s just scratching the surface of what we’ve learned about wine consumers.
  • Direct-to-consumer: Still small but growing! 1.25% of all sales (5 million cases) were sold DTC. We think this is a huge opportunity for boutique wineries!

For more market analysis and marketing ideas, get the New Twist newsletter.

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Can New Twist help your wine business get where it needs to be? Let's find out.

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