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Building a new website is like building a new house for your business. Your ideal builder should be an experienced and competent craftsman. His cutting edge design incorporates the latest technology. He is easy to work with, easy to talk to, and willing to guide you through every decision along the way. You can trust his values and integrity; he is always reliable, on schedule, and will never let you down. Together, you create something unique to be proud of. Something of enduring beauty and quality that nurtures and promotes your business. Something that ensures a good return on your investment.

New Twist Marketing is that builder

We bring you:

Quality: Our websites are attractively designed, reliable, and highly visible to search engines. They allow easy customer-interaction and a clear description of products and services.

Latest technology: We work with WordPress, an exciting new innovation that empowers you to update and edit your own website.

Peace of mind: We are committed to supporting you throughout and after the process, and pride ourselves on excellent communication.

Trust: We build strong, responsive relationships, and conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and efficiency. We treat every individual the same way: individually.

Unique positioning: As with individuals, no two businesses are exactly the same. We help you to express your unique business identity, and really stand out from your competition.

Strong investment: We give you the confidence to grow your business, and the tools to succeed in a highly competitive on-line market.

Making the Change to a Custom WordPress Website can Enhance your Website's Search Ranking and Help Acheive your Business Goals


WordPress is the best and most flexible content management system for any business because WordPress integrates the most important website elements such as search engine optimization, flawless updates, responsiveness and blog functionality into one powerful dashboard.

Why Choose WordPress for your Website?
  • Works on any Internet enabled device (iphone, iPad, etc.)
  • Crisp, clean, professional presentation
  • WordPress is secure
  • Versatile design
  • Master WordPress with our comprehensive training
  • Common sense search engine optimization
  • Dependable programming
  • Quick loading and optimized
  • User friendly
  • Well known for blog capabilities
  • Compatible with any type of media

Your new WordPress website is just a few simple steps away!

1. Web Consultation  In consultation, we discuss your ideas for your website, your needs for your online business, what your ideal website would look like.  Dream a little. Our first step in working together is to connect to discuss your business. What do you do, and how? What are your products and services? Who are your potential clients? What are your wants and needs for your new website, and what is your marketing strategy? What is your projected time-line?

2. Materials and Content Creation  You provide the materials you wish to include in the website, e.g. text, images, videos, etc. Tip: Working with a content writer/editor is essential if you are unskilled in writing for publication. We offer this service to sharpen-up your copy, organize your content, and make sure everything is clear, concise and easy to read. This service is well worth the investment before you proceed.

3. Website Design  We create your vision and introduce you to your new web presence! We ensure that the presentation projects your unique company image.

4. Word Press Training   Next we teach you how to drive! Through phone conversation or e-mail we step you through ‘WordPress 101’ training you to update and edit your website and familiarizing you with basic maintenance.

5. Going Live! Finally, we hand you the keys and activate your new WordPress website!