We will energize your sales and marketing campaigns

Let’s turn your winery’s entire digital presence into a demand generation system for your wine brands, tasting room, restaurant & wine club!

Working with us, you will see your beautiful, functional, website achieve business nirvana: true organic growth.

Sound good?

  • It starts with strategy. We work with you to develop an airtight plan for your digital marketing based on Hubspot’s Growth Driven Design model. (What is this?)
  • We then tell your stories, in-depth and with heart (and we optimize those stories for SEO – so your customers can find them!)
  • We get your tasting room and other events onto your customers’ calendars with web copywriting and email marketing that converts indifferent visitors into winery customers
  • We provide your distributors everything they need to know to be successful selling your wine with fast-loading, easy-to-use, growth driving informational winery websites!
  • Finally, we turn your website into a growth driving machine by evaluating user analytics and implementing strategies for improvement.

And that’s not all – read more about our services.

About New Twist (and About You)

Where do our winery marketing strategies come from? In a way they begin where wine begins: the soil. Our vineyard work took us deep into viticulture and enology. Then there was the deep dive Brant took into web design and development. Then there was the branding and marketing campaign we launched for our family’s own wine.

Putting it all together, we’ve put a lot of time into answering the following question: “Why do we do this – why does New Twist Marketing exist, what’s the big idea?”

Here’s the big idea

We value a world where “craft businesses”, such as wineries:

  • thrive with “founder’s energy”
  • provide the marketplace with beautiful products
  • create meaningful jobs
  • provide profits to their owners, the people who took a chance, took on risk, and put years of blood, sweat, and tears into creating something new!

In fact, there are few craft businesses as financially risky as wineries; we believe you deserve to be compensated for that risk!

Our Twist on the US Wine Industry

  • There are 8,702 wineries in the United States. 80% of boutique businesses.
  • Millenials drink nearly half of all wine consumed in the United States. That’s why we believe mobile marketing and social media marketing are key services.
  • Total US wine sales in 2016 was 60 billion; of that, 40 billion came from domestically produced wines! There is plenty of market for your wines; you just have to get your story told to the right people.
  • There are now 550,000 discrete locations that sell wine in the United States. How many of them would you like your wines to be in?
  • 57% of wine drinkers are female, 43% male. And that’s just scratching the surface of what we’ve learned about wine consumers.
  • Direct-to-consumer: Still small but growing! 1.25% of all sales (5 million cases) were sold DTC. We think this is a huge opportunity for boutique wineries!

Meet our Founder

Brant has a passion for the winery industry that dates back to 2001 with his foundational role at Dylan’s Run Vineyard. Dylan’s Run produced Pinot Noir, Muller Thurgau and White Riesling grapes for two decades, for Willamette Valley Vineyards and other Oregon wineries. Brant held vital roles at Dylan’s Run both as assistant vineyard manager and wine marketing & sales manager.

During this time Brant also held a part time role as Executive Assistant for Low Input Viticulture & Enology. His responsibilities included digital engineering and data management. He was responsible for creating the website and keeping it updated with vital program information and statistics. He also created and maintained the program database which included membership data, viticultural practice (scorecard) data and statistical generation.

Brant also pursued a passion for online marketing, WordPress web development, and the mobile internet. Brant has authored lead-generating websites for dozens of small but successful craft businesses – and not just wineries, but a wide variety of businesses.

Brant’s most recent passion is Growth Driven Design. GDD is a systematic process of collecting data insights about how a website is being used and turning it into a list of actionable items. Contact Brant today to learn more!