Winery Services

Sometimes we think about the “what exactly does New Twist do?” questions we get from customers.

Here’s a common one: Do you market my winery or my wine? Some take it even further and ask: Can you market my wine club? How cool our tasting room is? What about the amazing soil that my wine grapes are grown in – can you market that?

Our answer tends to be, “Yes – to all of the above!”. If that answer appeals to you, then your next question might be, How do you do it? One simple answer is “We put energy back into your winery (and its revenue!). Do you remember the energy and passion you felt the day you founded your winery? We exist to rekindle that energy.”

Below you’ll find a complete list of our wine & winery marketing services. Use the navigation to the left to skip ahead to your favorite section.

And of course, if you have any questions or would like us to talk you through what we do, set up a quick consultation.

Winery & Wine Branding

The cornerstone of our winery marketing agency is our branding practice. In fact, each of the services we offer is deeply integrated with branding. We know that can sound abstract and hard to quantify, so let’s put the the bottom line into the equation: wine sales.

As marketers, we’re obsessed with your sales and your revenue. We know the industry and understand that you need sales to stay in business and keep producing more amazing wine. And the question is always: how do you get there in such a fiercely competitive market?

By describing your winery and its wine brands with your unique story, personality, and voice.

On a material level that means the design of your logo, or logotype, and the key brand messages that are tied to it, your tag lines, your slogan, even your name. We want to you to be able to tell the world, at a quick glance, why you exist and what makes you worthy of attention and being remembered. The problem isn’t that people can’t afford your wine. Many more people can afford to drink wine than do.

The problem is people don’t know you – or they forget you. No matter what marketing channels you may decide to invest in, you must be memorable and you must let your customers get acquainted with your unique personality.

Winery Print Materials

New Twist Marketing has a very strong digital marketing practice but we are a winery marketing firm first and we recognize that print continues to be one of the most crucial forms of communicating with your public – especially for those who are new to your brand. In fact, print design is an opportunity to firmly establish your brand identity.

What better way to get to know your your wines, and your brand, than for them to feel it in their hands while reading? One of the reasons we love print is that it is one of the few marketing mediums that has the ability to monopolize the reader’s attention.

Secure, Fast Winery Websites

Here’s something to think about that becomes more pressing each passing year: your business’s website is the most powerful marketing tool you have.

Here’s something else to consider: the competition for your attention isn’t just other boutique wineries, or other winery industry businesses like yours. It’s literally every other website on the web that your potential customer might visit, from a news website, to a social media page, to anything else.

That’s why the speed and security of your website are so vital.

Security. Did you know that Facebook has served all of its pages with “SSL” since 2009? That means that all of the billions of Facebook pages and profiles all begin with https (not just http), like this: That means they have a prominent security icon next to them. Your website should feel – and should actually become – just as secure as Facebook or any other publisher.

Speed. It should also be fast. We noticed that most wineries websites are neither fast, nor secure, and that’s a problem that should be addressed immediately, before the search engines begin to remove you from their listings (this is already starting to happen). We build fast, secure, easy to use, and beautiful websites that run on a free, open source program called WordPress.

Training. Then we point you in the direction of world class WordPress training materials and professionals. Why refer you to training specialists rather than do the training ourselves? Frankly because it’s not our core strength. And because we want to ensure you learn from the best, so that the website we provide becomes a strategic marketing tool.

Winery Photography & Video

Few businesses lend themselves better to good photography than the wine business. But even fewer wineries take advantage of that fact. Whether it’s French wine, California wine, or wine from the Willamette Valley, it’s grown in a beautiful setting. We’d like to capture that beauty throughout all four seasons to give your customers the deepest understanding of who you are.

New Twist works with photographers and videographers who specialize in landscape, people, food & beverages. What better way to hook your customer’s interest than to present wine pairing pics. We firmly believe that the world is jam-packed full of wine-lovers who just haven’t realized it yet; we’ll help you teach lovers of quality food to become lovers of quality boutique wines.

SEO Wine Story Writing

One of the most effective marketing strategies for wineries is the age-old art of storytelling married to the “digital art” of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are two parts of this puzzle, your stories and the way people think about you and your business – this is what “winery SEO” is all about: understanding the way wine consumers think about and verbalize their interest in wine and all things wine related.

Your stories, the most beautiful part. Everyone likes a good story. Why did you create a boutique wine industry business? What is your reason for existing? Your reason why. Or, to look at the question from a more down to earth point of view, how does your winery run day-to-day? How do you and your workers adjust to the rhythms of the work day to meet each passing season?

Who knows what stories you have to tell but one thing we learned growing up in the wine business – every winery has at least one good story to tell. We’ll help you unlock that.

The SEO Factor. SEO (understanding how your customers verbalize their interest in your winery) provides a framework for the stories we tell for you. A guideline that shapes the narrative. Keep in mind that our careful attention to SEO does not lessen the integrity of the stories we help you tell. It will, however, bring more customers to your website!

We’re passionate about using stories to divert web traffic from big commercial wineries and publications towards boutique winery websites like yours.

Search Engine Marketing

We think Search Engine Marketing (SEM) represents an enormous opportunity for boutique wineries and other winery industry organizations. SEM can help you be found by future customers in one of the most rapid ways possible – the search engine.

But there are two very different approaches to fishing the waters of the great search engines for your ideal customers: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

And these two approaches yield two different types of customers: those who are ready to buy now (PPC) and those who might be “just visiting” (SEO) and learning about wine, wineries, tasting clubs, and more.

PPC (also called paid search or “AdWords”, though there are other online advertising “search networks”) represents an opportunity for your business.

Why you?

Because it’s very unlikely that your competitors are taking advantage of it. In fact, our informal survey of boutique wineries in Oregon and California found that only 1 in 20 have *ever* mounted a PPC campaign. That’s understandable; paid advertising is complex and requires careful management. That’s where NTM can be of service: we research, plan, write ad copy (including “landing pages”), and launch ad campaigns in the three major search engines:

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing
  • YouTube (yes, YouTube is the world’s 3rd largest search engine)

Once those ad campaigns are launched, we also provide a monthly ad campaign management service that continuously improves the performance of your search ads from week to week.

SEO can also be thought of like a campaign but it tends to be a longer term process. Our SEO services are designed to help you express the nuances of your business in a way that matches the languages your customers use to verbalize their interest in wine and wineries.

The core of the service is to:

  • Rewrite or “copy edit” your content on your site
  • Help other websites provide their visitors with extra value by linking to your site.

By the way, one of the ways we do this is through a semi-distinct service we offer called SEO Story Writing.

We’re extremely well-suited to design SEO campaigns for wineries because, frankly, we know your business. We know all four seasons of it. We know what an “Oak Monster” is. We know about vine vigor, punch downs, senescence, blends, bungs, and bettys. Why? Because we grew up in this business and we probably love it just as much as you do. So a big part of our “Winery SEO” work is translating the fascinating nuances of your business to match what real customers actually type into search engines every day.

Unlike PPC, visitors to your site won through SEO may not yet be interested in making a purchase. But that’s OK considering they may have never heard of you. Our goal with SEO marketing is to turn casual visitors into subscribers (and that’s where our email marketing and social media marketing services come in!).

Social Media Based Wine Marketing

Like SEO, Social Media Based Marketing is an essential “inbound” marketing strategy and the most effective way to scale “word-of-mouth” marketing. As a result, we think almost every wine industry should maintain a presence on, at a minimum:



Here’s our approach to creating your customer-generating presence on those platforms: a “normal person talking” campaign where the primary (but not the only) subject is your wine and winery. That means engaging directly in comment threads, interacting with other wine brands, joining wine groups, and generally, acting like a normal person who is passionate about wine.

What it doesn’t mean is using social media to broadcast formal ads; who wants to share an ad?

Here’s the catch though: we can use social media as a paid advertising platform. For example, we’re big fan of the Facebook boosted post method of paid advertising. We’ll identify posts that perform well (and have a healthy dose of interaction) and target them for promotion so that a much broader audience has the chance to be exposed to your winery and its wine brands.

Prospecting & Outbound Lead Generation

Our prospect and lead generation practices puts New Twist Marketing in a temporary business development role to help you identify key business partners, including but not limited to distributors that can provide you with new sales channels for your wine products.

To that end, we perform and coach on the following:

  • Building a prospect list by identifying multiple “databases” specific to the wine industry
  • Providing you with simple CRM technology to store and manage your prospects and contacts long-term
  • Helping you create outbound outreach campaigns using email, phone, and postal mail

We’re well aware that word-of-mouth is the best kind of new business. (In fact, we design our outbound marketing with the goal of new relationship building in mind.) But we think being able to generate your own sales channels when you need them is an important business skill for every boutique winery.

Mobile Marketing for Wineries

“Can you look up this winery on your desktop computer?”, said no one ever while standing in the wine section at the local market place. Desktops are out. Phones are in. Whether they are researching your wines at a restaurant, trying to find your tasting room, or just asking their loved ones (“What was that amazing wine we had last weekend?”) chances are great they are using their mobile phones.

That’s why we’re so dismayed when we come across boutique wineries which:

  • Don’t have websites that can be easily viewed and used on mobile devices
  • Don’t have a mobile friendly search results listing that makes it easy to get directions
  • Don’t have websites that make it easy and intuitive to click and call a phone number
  • Don’t have a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy in place that makes it easy for people using search engines to locate you, call you, and find out everything they need
  • Don’t have mobile notifications which tell their wine club members when new wines are released

Solution: New Twist Marketing’s Mobile Marketing for Wineries services.

Email Wine Marketing

Email marketing continues to be, according to our research and experience, the highest ROI marketing channel for wineries and many other small businesses. This is especially true for those of you who create boutique, craft wines (other some other kind of product that is a labor of love).


As a boutique winery you have a much more interesting story to tell than the corporate marketing team at a big commercial wine manufacturer. And your stories are true.

In fact, one of the best ways to promote your winery’s Wine Club (you do have a Wine Club, don’t you?) is in fact through email marketing. But it’s a multi-disciplinary tool that can be used to deliver stories, photography, video, and other kinds of marketing and promotional materials that get your wines in front of your customers, including direct to consumer (DTC) wine ecommerce appeals.

Winery Consultation & Coaching

The foundation of our consulting & coaching services is the Quarterly Revenue Review.
Having grown up in the wine industry, we know how easy it is to get swept away in your wine business, especially as the seasons change. We devised the Quarterly Revenue Review package as an efficient, low time-commitment solution that helps you ensure you and your team are hitting revenue targets throughout the calendar year.

Here’s how it works:

  • Design revenue goals based on sales and marketing strategies in place
  • Meet with winery owner and/or key staff once per month to provide advice and coaching on ongoing marketing initiatives
  • Analyze quarterly marketing and revenue analytics
  • Meet with winery ownership once per quarter to help understand performance and set new quarterly goals

The Quarterly Revenue Review is a is delivered in three month packages and includes no long-term commitment.